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Visiting Artist Exhibition: SHREE CHAUHAN "FULL CIRCLE"

On Display now through September 30, 2023

Opening Reception: Friday, Sept. 1 - 6:30-9 pm Meet the Artist: Friday, Sept. 8

Studio ArtFarm presents Visiting Artist Shree Chauhan.

“Full Circle” encompasses pieces from all three of Shree Chauhan’s original collections.

The circular Wanderlust paintings are a meditation on Shree’s past travels. Shree chose round canvases to reinforce her belief that time is circular. By utilizing mirror paint in the center of each painting, Shree invites viewers to transport themselves into my memories and “travel” to a different place.

The smaller rectangular pieces are from the Jewel Collection, which are inspired by the colors of semiprecious stones.

Finally, Ocean Breeze is the only piece from the Fresh Collection, which is inspired by the beauty of nature.


An optimistic daydreamer from a young age, I see possibility and beauty everywhere. To manifest the potential I see in the world, I started my career as an educator in Miami, and then as a civil rights advocate in Washington, D.C. In late 2018, I moved back to central Florida and my creativity bloomed in a new direction—as an artist. With my life in transition, I found joy in creating, and quickly amassed a collection of over 200 pieces in a few months.

At first, I enjoyed making smaller pieces with watercolor. Now, I work with larger canvases and acrylic.

As I continue my artistic journey, my palette still bends toward vivid, jubilant colors—expressing my joy while also rebelling against rising autocratic movements. My inspiration also comes from my meditation practice, the bright hues of my Indian heritage, and nature.

I believe my art is a manifestation of the cosmic beauty that flows within me, and all of us.


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