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This year we are offering 4 unique summer camps for grades K-5! Students will follow along as a teacher shows them step-by-step how to create fun and amazing art!


The last half hour of each day will include snacks and game time. Allergy friendly snack will be provided. Please have each camper bring their own water bottle.

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The first week will be magical! Kids will create 3 enchantment inspired projects including a mushroom fairy house painting on canvas, magic wands and a 3D flying unicorn turtle sculpture.

Calling all animal lovers! Week #2 is all about our feathered and furry friends! Campers will create 3 projects including an owl sculpture, a llama painting on canvas, and a charcoal drawing of a lemur!

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It's just not summer without the beach! In this camp kids will create three beach inspired pieces including a crab painting on canvas, a watercolor surf van painting and a seashell windchime.

This mini 3-day camp is all about games! Each day is a different canvas painting of a popular game character; Minecraft Monday, Pokemon Tuesday, and Among Us on Wednesday!

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