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Inspire Gallery Exhibition: "ABSTRACT"

Opening Reception: Friday, February 9 - 6:30-9 pm

Abstract multi-artist exhibition - Inspire Gallery at Studio ArtFarm

Enjoy works by talented local artists using a variety of mediums:

Kelley Batson-Howard "Static" & "SUPER-Man"

Ganong "Study in Blue 1"

Christie Barnes "Melting"

Ginger Oglesby "Plot Twist"

Ginette "Madonna and Child"

Jennifer & Paul Columbus "Marvels of the Moment" & "God Listens"

Ayesha Shaikj "Journey"

Skye Mason "Bluebird"

Jamie Allyn "Will O' the Wisps"

Elizabeth Levine "Every Night has it's Day"

Chrissie J. Hawkes "Horse and Crow"

Morna Strengholt "Haphazard Palettes"

Beth Jewett "Springtime Mixed Media"

Trish Jimenez "Dar Al Islam" & "Harvest Moon"

Vanessa Valleray "Turquoise and Amber"

Kim Reynolds "The Climb"

Wendy Waxman "Abstract Waves 3"

Maryana Ortez "Will's Pub"

Jenn Michelle "Attempted Suppression"

Aaron Sarkisian "Picnic on the Beach"

Sheldon Armani "A Prophet's Direction"

Thank you to all of the amazing artists that submitted works for consideration for this show!

Artist Pickup: April 4 & 5 | 10 am - 2 pm


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