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Visiting Artist Exhibition: "POP BLOCKS" by PETAL & BONE (AKA JAMIE MEAGHER)

On Display Now

Opening Reception: Friday, Nov. 10 - 6:30-9 pm

Painting of mini figure pop culture icons by Petal and Bone on display November 2023 at Studio ArtFarm.

This collection of paintings and prints by Petal & Bone feature mini figure inspired pop culture icons. This show is a must see if you are a 80's/90's kid! This collection was last displayed in full at Art Basel 2023 in Miami Beach.


James, Jamie or Hyme depending on when and where you met, the last name

Meagher is pronounced “Marr”. Born in Connecticut, grew up in Tennessee,

currently based in central Florida. Jamie is a painter, illustrator, muralist,

curator and graphic designer with a resume that includes fine art festivals, mural festivals, solo exhibitions, group shows, corporate art, branding and design.

The artist chose the Petal & Bone moniker as a way to encompass his varied bodies of work and convey its frequent focus on contrasting content and aesthetics.

THE INSPIRATION: Pop, New Contemporary and Lowbrow Art, Music, and Films

THE FOCUS: Juxtaposition, Vibrant Colors, Balance, Esoteric and Pop Iconography

THE GOAL: Create unique, stylized, sometimes perception altering content

THE MOTIVATION: Pursue passion, provoke thought, appreciate every minute

Profile Photo of Jamie Meagher of Petal and Bone. His work is on display November 2023 at Studio ArtFarm.

Jamie Meagher of Petal & Bone


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