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Visiting Artist Exhibition: LUCESKY ART

Featured Artist - September 2022

Opening Reception: August 26th from 6-9 pm

One Eye On The Fire One Eye On The Flood oil on panel by Amanda Sekcington
"4D Vintage" abstract by Lucesky Art

Artist Amanda Secklington


Luciano Pereira (aka LUCESKY)

is an artist, muralist, graphic designer and creative innovator born in the 80’s in Curitiba, Brazil. In Brazil,he studied Industrial design as a foundation from his creative process , but now his focus is completely into visual arts. Now living in Orlando Fl for more than 15 years, Luce continues to explore new ways of expression, mixing abstract art, portraits and mixed media, always looking to bring his point of view to the world.

Instagram: LuceskyArt


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