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Visiting Artist Exhibition: JOE QUILLSONG

On Display Oct. 28 - Nov. 20

Artist Reception: Friday, October 28th - 6-8 pm with live Q&A

Joe Quillsong is a visual artist and storyteller active in the Orlando Art scene since 2007. He incorporates his urban vision and native spirituality into his work, creating what he calls “Brutal, Beautiful, Balance.”

Having a Grandmother who was a doll maker and a mother who was a fashion designer sparked his creativity. Though growing up in the South Bronx came with many challenges. As an artist, Quillsong found solace amongst the graffiti writers and the East Village punk scene, where he was first introduced to the use of visual arts to portray a message.

His leading influence is his Cherokee, African, and Celtic heritage. The distance between the ancestors that will never have a name and the descendants too far ahead to see are the writers of the stories Quillsong's art seeks to tell. In this distance, he shapes the unknown by pulling light out of the darkness. His goal is to move his audience with a soulful tale, like film and music can, visually speaking volumes without having to say a word.

Instagram: @quillsongjoe


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