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Visiting Artist Exhibition: DAWRBY

Opening Reception: Saturday, Dec. 2 - 6:30-9 pm

Studio ArtFarm Visiting Artist - DWARBY - December 2023

Dawrby is a Visual Artist born in New York and raised in Florida practicing in Painting,

Illustration, and Graphic Design. Inspired by pop art and portraiture, his work focuses

on the translation of his subject’s personality to canvas.

His Familiar Faces series are a collection of portraits completed at pop up events

throughout Greater Orlando. Inspired by twisted perspective, a Near Eastern and

Ancient Egyptian technique used in art having a multi-perspective representation from

a single viewpoint. He approaches portraiture with contemporary essentialism,

emphasizing basic facial features of the subjects to show personality using linework.

The Familiar Faces are visual riddles that are meant to overstimulate the fusiform

gyrus, the part of the brain that recognizes faces.


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