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Inspire Gallery Exhibition: "Close-Ups"

On Display October 13 - November 26, 2023

Opening Reception: Friday, Oct. 13 - 6:30-9 pm

The theme of this show was to challenge the artist to get up-close and personal with their subject matter. The idea behind the "Close-Ups" is to focus attention to one particular thing, piece, person; a snapshot in time which creates an intimate connection with the viewer and tells a visual story without words.

Enjoy works by talented local artists using a variety of mediums:

Heather Lorenz: Acorn, Polyphemus, Little Hopper

Mindy Lighthipe: Stag Horn Beetle, Comet Moth, Rainbow Beetle

Polly McIntyre: Yellow Tiger Butterfly, Blue Dragonfly

Jack Void: Probe 1, Probe 2, Probe 3

Rebecca Owen: Monarch, Luna, Dragonfly

Jose Pardo: Prose and Poetry

John Ruggeri: Fierce Glare, New to this World

Mike Goodge: A Single Phalaenopsis

Tiffany Santos: Reluctant Rascal, Peek-a-Boo Through the Pickerels, Joey Through the Clover

Nelson Cardenas: Self Portrait

Laura Morgan: Frog Friend

John Guiseppi: Gator-Eyed

Christie Barnes: Drunk's Eye View

Alex Gourlay: Sunglasses

Ayesha Shaikh: Loving Yourself

Elsie Michaelson: Succulent Flower, Brabancon, Giant Tortoise

Thank you to all of the amazing artists that submitted works for consideration for this show!

Studio Artfarm Inspire Gallery exhibition "Close-Ups"

Artist Pickup: Sunday, November 26 | Noon – 4 pm

Monday, November 27 | 10 am – 2 pm


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