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Inspire Gallery Exhibition: "LANDSCAPES"

Opening Reception: Friday, June 14 - 6:30-9 pm

Abstract multi-artist exhibition - Inspire Gallery at Studio ArtFarm

Enjoy works by talented local artists using a variety of mediums:

Linda Hastings "Lake Elysian" & "Purple Rain"

Yaretzi "Abundance"

Skip Jewett "Eldora Statehouse" & "Pump House"

Kelly Pounds "Morning Has Broken"

Charles Carpino "New Smyrna Beah Pier"

Maggie V. "Rainbow Mountain"

Kelley Batson-Howard "Calm"

Parto Dehdashti "River Bows to the Mountain", "Seaside Trail" & "Water Lilies Over the Lake at Dusk"

Wendy Waxman "Mount Dora Lighthouse" & "Mississippi Canopy"

Mary Jane Winner "Petrified"

Aaron Sarkisian "Spiritual Mist"

Dakota Williams "Reminiscence"

Korrine Carpino "Celestia Dawn", "Moonlit Terrain", "Windswept Dreams" & "Echoes of Dawn"

Suzi Harr "In The Fog" & "The Preserve"

Christie Barnes "Lisa's Vineyard" & "Canada”

Morna Strengholt "Kruger's Farm"

Laura Morgan "Baby Gator"

Ganong "Sunflowers of Andalusia"

J. Lacy Coughlan "Sunrise on Royal Lake"

Heather Lorenz "Blaze" &"Florida Sunset"

Laura Howell "Leu Gardens Landscape" & "Two Lonely Trees"

Thank you to all of the amazing artists that submitted works for consideration for this show!


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