Sketch Club Open Studio

Still Life Drawing... ArtFarm style!


Practice drawing in this open studio that's as unique as you. Any style goes, any medium (traditional or digital) welcome, work at your own pace. We will set-up a different scene of funky and unconventional items and materials each session. Forget the traditional fruit bowls and flower arrangements, bring on the oddities and curiosities! From textures to reflection, directional light and shadow, the fun subject matter will offer a little something for everyone. This studio offers the ability to practice value, shading, line drawing, proportion, digital drawing, quick sketching, and so much more. This is not a guided project. You bring your preferred art supplies, and we will have one of our artists there to provide guidance and answer questions as needed. No supplies? No problem! You can ours for an addition $5. Every artist will tell you that the key to success is practice, so why not make it fun?

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