Develop Your Artistic Style

3-Week Course


You can develop your artistic style through application and practice. (Supplies not included, see supply list under LEARN tab) After brief review of basic painting concepts, this class is dedicated to helping each artist find and develop their own style. Oils and acrylics are welcome, with a materials list available. Beginners are urged to use acrylics. Particular emphasis is placed on developing confidence! No competition is allowed, the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. In the first meeting, we will discuss value, color, and drawing. In later weeks, we will hasten development by using the following pointers: - Use your strengths not your challenges (weaknesses) to help determine your style. - Study your favorites, analyze why you like them, then mine the results for influences. Good artists borrow, great ones steal. - Mediums aren't styles. Choose a medium appropriate to your developing style. - Don't fight emerging style markers. These are clues! - YOU define your style. No one else. Not a friend, your family, or a teacher. - If you like a style but find it incompatible with your temperament, reconsider. - And, remember: developing a personal style is a dynamic goal that involves perpetual becoming. ABOUT: Richard Colvin is a professional artist and retired museum professional. For more samples and background, please visit Images: left ABSTRACT, 2015, middle: Hay Bales off 33, 2017, right Wakulla Lodge, 2020. All oil, R. Colvin.

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