Painting: Acrylics
Location: Maitland Art Center, studio10
Days/Time: Wednesdays 7pm-9pm (, 9 weeks)
Cost: $200 + supplies list
Description: This multi-level class gives you the opportunity to explore acrylic paint to create three guided paintings, each completely different in subject and style. Your fourth painting is done independently with your choice of subject. Whether you have basic skills, are already a painter, or want a refresher, this is a fun class to learn skills, technique and color theory!

Applying Color Theory

location: Maitland Art Center

Days/Time: Wednesdays 5:30 -6:45 (, 9 weeks)

cost: $110 + supply list

Description: This class is perfect for beginning and more experienced artists alike. Learn color properties and how to confidently understand color recipes and make the best choices for your paintings. We will apply the theories toward several small paintings, each focusing on a specific color lesson.This class is taught in acrylic.